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Based in Macclesfield. I get out and about!

I live in Macclesfield. Its a lovely town. With the Treacle Market at the end of the month, and just on the edge of the Peak District. However, as much as I love it here, and do most of my work here, I am not afraid to travel a bit further. I regularly go to Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Poynton, Buxton, New Mills, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Knutsford, and Manchester. Sometimes, I even go further still. I have been up to Chorley near Preaston, and completed work in North Wales. Typically though, anywhere I can get to in about an hour from Macclesfield is within my normal circle of work.


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On the #News in Germany this morning they are extending the #cycle network! Ahhh! Oh wait, that's a great idea! And perfectly normal 😀

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Just shown this to Mrs W. She says that's her dream. #type1diabetes…

Holiday over. Goodbye to my Dutch #Engineering friends. I will miss our chats about #Energy, #Brexit, #Rs232 #TTL #PumpedHydro & ICE Cream!

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I shall just leave these here for my fellow #LandRover enthusiasts to nit pick for fun.

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Sunglasses & cream will be in demand again soon. The view is returning 😀

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While in Austria my Dutch friends just passed me a @_flourwatersalt bag to use, from a visit a few years ago 😀

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