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Based in Macclesfield. I get out and about!

I live in Macclesfield. Its a lovely town. With the Treacle Market at the end of the month, and just on the edge of the Peak District. However, as much as I love it here, and do most of my work here, I am not afraid to travel a bit further. I regularly go to Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Poynton, Buxton, New Mills, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Knutsford, and Manchester. Sometimes, I even go further still. I have been up to Chorley near Preaston, and completed work in North Wales. Typically though, anywhere I can get to in about an hour from Macclesfield is within my normal circle of work.


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Short vid of the action at our rental. And no, I didnt do an #EICR or #PAT 😲. #BirdBox #GreatTits #Springwatch I think its taken 8 years to get a tennant though.

Very exciting. After years of potential tenants, we finally have a family! The “Christmas Tripod” is getting some use as well 🤣#greattit #springwatch @ Macclesfield…

Unfortunately the #noVANber petition failed to get the signatures required to take it to parliament within the 6 month limit. If anyone else wants to campaign against tool theft you have our support 👏🏽 In the meantime secure your vans, mark your tools and good luck out there ✌🏽 Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

I had a cat called Charlie, as he talked a lot like this. His knowledge of Saftey wasn’t as good though, as he would yell in my ear when I was upside down under a vehicle, with a power tool in my hands! MmWwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!…

Satisfy your sweet craving and indulge the savoury on Castle St this Sunday @treaclemarket with new stall selling delightful fritelle and savoury beignets from Kitchenette Corsica. Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

It's not always this easy to spot a fake... Don't get scammed - shop safely online and in store and remember, if a bargain looks too good to be true, it probably is! Learn more at Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

Mental health can take you by surprise in all sorts of directions...… Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

Throwback Thursday. I have borrowed an image from Today's P&J. Which year? Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

test Twitter Media - RT @CairngormMtn: Throwback Thursday.  I have borrowed an image from Today's P&J.  Which year?

I really Really want a new head. One that works. the one that I had 1 year ago would do fine. This one is not good for much. 😩