Wasting Away

When I change consumer units, such as this. Where it is old, damaged and no longer fit for the purpose it was designed it must be disposed of. I am keen on recycling. I have been for years. I was saving up my plastic milk bottles and more to take to the collection point for years before I welcomed the Grey Bin into my household. I have been doing my best to ensure I carry this philosophy on within my work, to get rid of all the rubbish I generate properly. Old CU WasteToday, I finally got around to registering officially as a waste carrier and dealer, which is apparently what I am (as well an an Electrician of course). It has cost £154 which gives me this licence for the next 3 years. It was tricky to find the link to Register or renew as a waste carrier, broker or dealer  but I got there in the end. So, I cannot receive a telling off now for doing what I have been doing anyway, moving the odd bit of rubble and old electrical bits. Next on my hit list is to find a better way, less intensive way, of recycling the waste to ensure as much of it as possible gets recycled. After all, it can take 200 Tons of copper ore to produce 1 tonn of copper!


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